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Thursday December 4, 2014      9am - Noon      55 NW 30th Street Miami      Open to the public

The Colony, en Plein Air is a special exhibition presented by Wet Heat Project, New World School of the Arts, CasaLin, and the scions of a family of art patrons who operated a private art community simply called "The Colony" from 1898 to 1957, which will soon be reestablished.

In a confluence of objectives, the collaborating producers of HOTBED are platforming exceptional young artists in open-studio production: Leticia Corea, Rafael Domenech, Michael Fernandez, Rebecca Flor, Rubin Gabeau, Denise Gorrio, and Alden Solis. In the three hours of this exhibition, these seven visual arts college seniors from Miami's renowned New World School of the Arts will complete important production steps forward in their BFA graduate project, at the same time engaging VIP visitors to their open-air studios.

At the same event an elaborate performance by New World School of the Arts alumnus Christina Pettersson will be presented evoking the art world social dynamics at The Colony as it was a century ago.

UPDATE:  During the three hours of HOTBED 2014, a steady influx of visitors engaged the seven BFA student artists and the lively, multi-performer Christina Pettersson tableau vivant.

Visitors to our exhibition at Lin Lougheed's CasaLin included Don Bacigalupi, founding president of the future Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in Chicago and currently President of Crystal Bridges Museum, AR, attending with a group of that museum's trustees; Manuel Gonzales, Trustee of the New Museum, NY; Vivian Horan, Vivian Horan Gallery, NY; Stephen Henry, Director Paula Cooper Gallery, NY; Harry Cooper, Chief Curator, National Gallery of Art, Molly Donovan, Contemporary Curator, National Gallery of Art; Ann Gallagher, Tate Modern, London; Joanna Marsh, Curator of Contemporary Art, American Art Museum, Smithsonian, Washington, DC; Donna Rim, American Art Museum, Smithsonian, Washington, DC; Sandra-Jackson Dumont, head of Education, attending with colleagues from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY; Robin Vousden, Director, Gagosian Gallery, London; Peter Stevens, Director, David Smith Foundation; Melissa Chiu, Director of the Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, DC; collectors Susie and Jochen Holy; Anthony Grant, Vice Chairman, Americas, Sotheby's; James Kelly, Kelly, Contemporary, Sante Fe, and many more international and local art professionals, collectors and artists.

Read the Miami Herald post.

Today's descendants of The Colony's founding family plan to reestablish the storied, remote site in the American northwest to continue its original mission: providing a blue-sky retreat for exceptional emerging artists to explore and shape the first chapter of their practice, free of economic burden and market pressure.

In preparation for what will become The Colony | Contemporary, its benefactor family is participating in graduating BFA student and emerging artist exhibitions during art fair seasons in cities throughout the world. Visitors at these events- the art world's most important and experienced professionals- will be engaged by consulting curators for their opinions, discernment and intuition in determining which young artists are innovative and focused enough to become finalists for a stay at The Colony | Contemporary.

Independent Berlin-based art curator Annabelle von Girsewald is one of The Colony's traveling representatives, and will seek opinions from CasaLin's impressive concentration of visiting art professionals, collectors and artists regarding the talented BFA seniors and their works in progress.

The history of The Colony has remained undisclosed for more than a century; its future will begin to unfold in public view as the site welcomes its new guests in Spring 2016.

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