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HOTBED 2012 video artworks

This video presents excerpts from all four HOTBED works; overviews of each artist's piece are below.

Azizi DeSouza has created immersive views of a massive bird-in-flight kill, based on actual unexplained events in 2011. Eschewing animation or computer imagery, the artist produced each bird as a freehand-cut paper form in multiple scales. The live action sequences were shot in a chiaroscuro setting to heighten the directionality of "the falling," underscore the point of origin, and emphasize a duality of stark beauty with disturbing implications.

Flock of the Killing Field  by Azizi DeSouza, 2012, single frame excerpt

Steven Marquez created an openly interpretive narrative centering around the intrusion of everyday objects into a room where they do not belong (an actual hotel room at NADA Miami Beach's Deauville Resort venue). A "ride-along" sports-cam intimately recorded the POV movement of each object placed in precise locations by unseen hands. These mysterious juxtapositions shift the everyday objects and traditional hotel room into unfamiliar territory.

Foreign  by Steven Marquez, 2012, single frame excerpt

Jeffrey Noble constructed a contained, sculptural white-limbo landscape, then painstakingly animated waves and patterns of spray paint across its curvaceous surfaces. Evoking time lapse films of scenic panoramas, the artist's sequential gestures and substitution of paint for light create a synthetic vista that's a lyrical microcosm of an artist's studio and its materiel.

This One Time  by Jeffrey Noble, 2012, single frame excerpt

Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo created a scale-model stained glass window evoking an atmospheric church setting, but depicting a non-dogmatic, fleeting personal moment. The meticulously produced window was crafted with ice instead of glass, set with thin, flat copper caming and mounted in an expressionistic maquette of a large room. The window melts away with dramatic disintegration, followed by beautiful calm.

I Came Fallen  by Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo, 2012, single frame excerpt

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